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Mission & Vision

Firmly Rooted in Taoist Tradition, Supported by Modern Research

Our education institute, TaoistStudies.Org,, was established in 1990 with the view of providing the best of Taoist Alchemy and Internal Martial Arts information and practice for a Western audience. TaoistStudies.Org is one of the five parts of our bigger organisation. 


" create a revolutionary, engaging, and accessible Taoist Internal Alchemy learning experience that is globally accessible. To provide affordable high quality classes, based on direct information from Chinese Taoist sources. Bring Taoist Internal Alchemy & Authentic Chinese Culture within everyone's reach" 


" Taoist Internal Alchemy should be accessible to any student in the world. To help unleash your internal alchemist and prepare the next generation of Taoist Internal Alchemists to change the view on Internal Alchemy (Neidan) & Internal Martial Arts"

TIGER: Code of Honour

" Our team takes pride in following a specific code of honour, represented by the letter word “TIGER” and the image of Laozi, the Old Taoist Master, resting near a peaceful, yet focused tiger." 

TIGER stands for what we are and wish to represent:


Tolerant (being tolerant towards other people's freedom and their opinions, life

views, religions, etc.)

Invaluable (we strive to deliver priceless, high quality information, based on scientific research and from original Taoist sources)

Genuine (what we bring is authentic and genuine, from original Chinese Taoist sources; we do not change the original to suit our ideas, we translate the genuine into understandable courses and reading)

Enthusiastic (we are proud and delighted to be able to bring the best of Taoist culture to you and make you feel these vibes)

Respectful (the Taoist legacy we bring to you deserves being treated with respect and we are also respectful towards our students)

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