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Angela Verkade


Taoist Lifestyle coach/practitioner/ business owner


(Financial) administation & Marketing specialist, China Arts College, 

Fieldwork assistant Prof. dr. Dan K.J. Vercammen

“At age 5 I started practicing gymnastics and later added dancing. Later on I explored karate & taekwondo and developed a deep fascination for ancient cultures. Instead of following my heart, I was diverted to a more accepted, yet very different path that gave me an experience of life but went against my nature, so that I came to lose the connection with my inner body. Ignoring the signs, I became seriously ill in 2013. In my search for solutions to deal with my limitations, qigong came my way. In 2014 I started studying TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) with a specialization in Yang Style Taijiquan (Zheng Manqing tradition) and Medical Qigong.

About Angela Verkade

Angela Verkade is a Taoist Lifestyle coach/practitioner, specializing in TCM, Footreflex, Tuina & Chinese Martial Arts. She assists Prof. dr. Dan Vercammen with classes & organising events with TaoistStudies.Org and China Arts College. She is also the responsible for the (Financial) Administration & (Social Media) Marketing of TaoistStudies.Org &




















2020- present

2020- present

2023- present


Gymnast, regional champion The Netherlands

Drum & Buglecorps colorguard, European Champion A class (1996/1997)

CFO & CMO, iZyX! SMB Network Management, Lelystad, Netherlands, 

higher education; studied Financial Administration & Business Strategies

Finalist Businesswomen of the Year (2011) (Flevoland

(Audience) Award winner, ICT Entrepeneur of the Netherlands (2013)

higher education; TCM & Lifestyle coach/practitioner with specialization in Taijiquan (Zheng Manqing or Cheng Man-ch'ing) & Qigong. BOCAM, Tilburg, Netherlands

higher education specialization in medical qigong BOCAM, Tilburg, Netherlands

higher education PSBK psychosocial fundamental knowledge, specialisation in Narcissism & Münchhausen by proxy syndrome

Vita opleidingen, Zeewolde, Netherlands

Taijiquan (Yáng Lùchán / Yang Lu-ch'an or Yang Fukui) BOCAM, Tilburg, Netherlands

higher education Footreflex Western & TCM Total Health Academy, specialisation in Chinflex Professional, The Woman & Fertility, den Haag (Rijswijk), The Netherlands 

TCM/TuiNa/Footreflex practioner/business owner Nei Jing Tu, Living from inner strenght, Lelystad/Raalte, Netherlands

higher education Guasha/(Fire)cupping/Moxa specialisation Rep your Body, Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands 

higher education Footreflex & Body craniosacral specialisation Total Health Academy, Breda, The Netherlands 

higher education Eye Diagnostics, Western & TCM Vita opleidingen, Zeewolde, Netherlands

higher education Auriculo, ear acupuncture Qing Bai Academy, Amersfoort, Netherlands

higher education TuiNa therapeutical massage Total Health Academy, Wijhe, Netherlands

Nine Star Ki, Reb your body, Heerhugowaard, Netherlands

studies Master of Taoist Arts, specialisation: Internal Martial Arts, Chinese Culture & Philosophy, Taoist Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese, Internal Alchemy (Neidan), China Arts College/Taoist, Antwerp, Belgium

(Financial) administation & Marketing specialist, China Arts College, Antwerp, Belgium

Taoist Lifestyle coach/practitioner/ business owner, Antwerp, Belgium

Classical Chinese Language, Classical Chinese Philosophy, Internal Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xinyiliuhequan/Xingyiquan), Taoist Internal Alchemy, Traditional Chinese Medicine: Taoist Massage (Tuina- Anmo), Qi-harmonization, Yuanqigong (health exercises, breath training, self-massage), VAS & Classical Chinese Pulse diagnostics & other relevant courses.

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