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Ass. Prof. Gijsbert Ruitenburg


Assistant. Prof. China Arts College

Chairman BETA (Belgian Taoist Alchemists)

In 2003 I obtained a Bachelor's Degree as a general nurse in the Netherlands, with psychiatry as differentiation. The reason for my move to Antwerp was to start a course at the China Arts College where I obtained a Bachelor of Taoist Arts in 2009 and a Master of Taoist Arts in 2017 with specialization in Chinese health training and Taoist massage. Taoist alchemy has taught me both theoretically and practically in healing methods (massage, qi-harmonization), health exercises (yuanqigong, breath training, self-massage), internal martial arts (taijiquan, baguazhang, xinyiliuhequan and xin(g)yiguan), philosophies of life (including Laozi, Zhuangzi), classical Chinese language and Chinese fine arts (calligraphy and painting). I am officially associated with the Southern Alchemical Tradition of the Golden Cinnabar.

Gijsbert Ruitenburg

About Gijsbert Ruitenburg

Gijsbert Ruitenburg is trained as a nurse. In 2005 he started his training at China Arts College. Since 2014, he has been running the Taoist health practice This practice is affiliated with the China Arts College. Here he gives the weekly group classes Yuanqigong (Practice of the Primary Qi, Taoist health practices based on Taoist Internal Alchemy). When Prof. Dr. Dan Vercammen is absent, he teaches Taijiquan.



2003 – 2009









Nursing (bachelor)

Worked as a nurse in various settings, including adult and youth psychiatry, and in the medical department of a youth detention center and a general practitioner's office. 

Bachelor of Taoist Arts

Foster Care Province of Antwerp. Foster family counselor and screening officer for prospective foster parents. 

Founder and practitioner at the Taoist health practice 

Instructor for Taoist health practice Yuanqigong.

President of BETA (Belgian Taoist Alchemists)

Master of Taoist Arts

Assistant Professor at China Arts College

Classical Chinese language, Classical Chinese philosophy, Internal Martial Arts (Taijiquan, Baguazhang, Xinyiliuhequan/Xingyiquan), Taoist Internal Alchemy, Chinese Calligraphy, and Traditional Chinese Medicine: Taoist Massage, Qi-harmonization, Yuanqigong (health exercises, breath training, self-massage).

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