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Working together as a unity

China Arts College is a Belgian politically and financially independent not-for-profit organisation. Our goals are to organize and share education, scientific research, and information in general about Taoist and Chinese culture.

As a not-for-profit organisation our financial resources come from what the public and students pay for participating in the activities of our daughter organisations and from the sale of our publications. In other words: what you pay is invested in you, as we use the funds to provide you with high quality education, publications, and for research that benefits the courses and the publications. So, you actually pay for the administrative work and the research, not for an overly paid CEO or managers, which we don't have, as this would conflict with our Taoist view of a decent society.

TaoistStudies.Org works together with partners to offer you the most of Taoist and Chinese Culture, Martial Arts, Fine Art & Calligraphy, and we publish books by Prof. Dr. Dan K.J. Vercammen.


CAC: China Arts College

Our education institute is a private and independent university and postgraduate level school for the study of Chinese Taoist culture. Students can obtain a degree in Taoist Studies after successfully completing a studies program (see our college guide for details). Most of the courses are open to all, meaning that it is not necessary to study for a degree. We also organize lectures, seminars, and workshops that can be part of the study curriculum, but are in fact open to all. Our research institute (TASC) provides us with scientifically researched information and content. We welcome joint initiatives and willingly work together with other organisations. Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen, who has been teaching for more than four decades, is our full professor and he supervises the education program and the teaching.

TASC: Taoist Alchemical Studies Center

Our research institute provides us with the means to bring you scientifically based information on Chinese Taoist culture and more. Head of research is Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen, who holds a PhD degree from the University of Ghent in Belgium (summa cum laude 1990). We occasionally also organize conferences in association with other institutes and advise and collaborate with museums etc. for organizing exhibitions or writing catalogues. We have a vast Chinese library and multimedia collection, gathered mainly during decades of fieldwork in China. Results of our research activities are published by our own publishing house or in other publications.



The Results of a Lifetime of Study of Prof. dr. Dan K.J. Vercammen & Angela Verkade


Both combine their expertise of Chinese Medicine, Martial Arts, Strength & Mobility training, Chinese Culture & Philosophy, Modern Research & ICT knowledge and are developing at this moment a very special Program.

The Taoist-Lifestyle Program


In the online program Internal Alchemy, Internal Martial Arts & Taoism are the main subjects. We offer you short programs, seminars, courses and lectures. But also an ongoing personal program is a possibility. In order to see some fundamental changes you need to study for at least three years. For your personal path, we can design with you a study program, so that we can guide you step-by-step into Taoist Internal Alchemy (Neidan), Internal Martial Arts (Neijiaquan), Yuanqigong, Daoyin, Self-care & Internal Practices (Neigong), Chinese Philosophy, and Chinese Culture. We share decades of knowledge with you in your self-paced online program.


Other (short) programs we offer:


  • Taijiquan (Tai Chi) Program

  • Baguazhang Program

  • Yuanqigong Program

  • Xinyiliuhequan/Shidaxing Program

  • Special Chinese Strength & Mobility Program

All programs wil include a special hand-out & video's will be downloadable, so you can practice where and when you want. 


I work according to the method (法, fa) of the Golden Cinnabar (金丹, jindan). Hence the 'difficult' name of my practice. This method of working is the common thread running through the various forms of my practice. It offers people a clear path along which they can return step by step to a life of quality, in which being health, peace, stability, harmony and the meaning of life prevail. The method can also be used preventively to monitor the optimal condition of your body. We have a lot of experience in how to tackle diseases, and how to keep yourself healthy. The approach is based on the Taoist Alchemical Southern Tradition of the Golden Cinnabar (Jindan Nanzong), which was developed in the Song Dynasty by Zhang Boduan (984 - 1082). This is an alchemical tradition with mostly Taoist roots and Confucian and Buddhist influences; The Taoist art of living is our area of expertise.


7 StarsStudio.Shop

My areas of expertise are Taoism, Taoist Internal Alchemy, Chinese Medicine, Classical Chinese Poetry, Chinese Fine Arts, and Martial Arts. I have a Sinology PhD degree from Ghent University (1990), Belgium, and studied Classical Chinese Philosophy at Fudan University (1985-1986) in Shanghai, China. In the past 40 years, I've translated and published many books, including specialized translations, and I teach Classical Chinese Language courses at the Taoist Alchemical Studies Center TASC in Antwerp, Belgium. My no-nonsense approach and ability to make difficult things easy to learn can help you become proficient in Classical Chinese rather quickly.

Fields of expertise:

  • 古文 Classical Chinese Language Tuition

  • Chinese Martial Arts: Pak Mei & Choy Li Fut, Yue Huanzhi & Tian Zhaolin lineages of Yang Style Taijiquan; Xingyiquan traditions (Hebei and Henan Styles); Baguazhang. My most important teachers were Fu Qinglong, Li Ziming, Jie Kon-sieuw, Shen Hongxun, Cai Longyun, and Zhou Minde.

  • Chinese ink (both Chinese Paintings and Chinese Calligraphy works), watercolour, pastel, charcoal, and acrylics. My teachers came from China and South Korea.

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