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Sat, 10 May



1 year course TAM 2024-2025: (Taoist Authentic Massage).

TREM is our 1st year Taoist Relaxation Massage course and after obtaining the Chinese/English diploma for TREM you can move on to TAM (Taoist Authentic Massage).

1 year course TAM 2024-2025: (Taoist Authentic Massage).
1 year course TAM 2024-2025: (Taoist Authentic Massage).

Time & Location

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10 May 2025, 10:00 – 16:00 CEST

Antwerpen, Ballaarstraat 114, 2018 Antwerpen, Belgium

About the event

TREM is our 1st year Taoist Relaxation Massage course and after obtaining the Chinese/English diploma for TREM you can move on to TAM (Taoist Authentic Massage).

We restarted our Taoist massage courses last year, and maybe you were there and you are now a TREM(MER).

Now we are offering our TREMMERS the first opportunity to register for the TAM training, which will start on 19 October 2024. If you have previously followed a Taoist Relaxation Massage training with us and would like to register for TAM, please send a email to

1 year course TAM 2024-2025:

Together with your trusted group, you will move on to the 2nd year, again a short intensive course. You know the group for the most part and so you can expand the fundamental 8 massage techniques with many more and sometimes intensive therapeutic techniques.

With these massage techniques, in addition to relaxation, you can use the sensitive spots or xue (cavities, often called “acupoints”) to interact with the body of your clients, friends, family and all others who need relaxation and/or experience complaints. You have experienced that you don't need a lot of material to treat someone: a stool, chair, sofa or sometimes treatment table is sufficient. You continue to work over clothing. This year, the focus will be to practice and expand your experience, together with your fellow students, so that you can apply this in treating people in your environment.

We continue to explore the Chinese view of the (mountain landscape of the) body and deepen Chinese medical knowledge in our theoretical morning classes. In the practical classes, we also continue to work on maintaining and improving your own health.

Those who want to go for a Chinese/English diploma after completing the course can then participate in the exams (on May 10, 2025: 1 day). Other participants in the training can receive a certificate of participation (if sufficient attendance). It is not possible to participate in TAM without a TREM diploma. Former students with a previous course in Taoist Relaxation Massage can participate after a positive evaluation by Dr. Dan Vercammen. Participation in Masterclasses is not possible without a TAM diploma. In the Masterclasses, former students and TAM students come together. A certain level of knowledge and experience is necessary to be able to connect with the existing group in the Masterclasses.

Those who pass the exams have sufficient basic knowledge to participate in our Taoist Massage Masterclasses.

Who is TAM for?

To participate in this process, it is necessary to have successfully finished the TREM course. Please note: you have the option to register first, after which former students of Taoist Relaxation Massage may be approached. Eight participants is the maximum we can take on so that we can give maximum attention to each student.

A commitment is required to work with what has been learned and you need to be present during the teaching days; Practicing and taking notes are part of that. Meeting up with fellow students outside of class to practice on a regular basis is highly recommended. You may be absent for a maximum of 1 day to be eligible for a certificate or diploma (after positive exam result).

You are expected to read the required literature carefully.

This book, specially bound in an authentic Chinese way, can be ordered separately € 25,-  (If you already own the book, it is not necessary to order it again)


China Arts College, Ballaarstraat 114, 2018 Antwerp


€ 775 (incl. exams) € 600 (with certificate) 1st payment upon registration 150,-, the remaining amount must be credited to our bank account by September 1, 2024 at the latest. After consent, payment can be made in parts, but the entire amount must be paid before September 1. It is possible to issue a business invoice.

Sign up: via this registration form

Lesson days: 2024 : 19 October, 16 November, 14 December 2025 : 18 January, 15 February, 15 March, 12 April, 10 May (exam)

Teachers: Dan Vercammen and for catch-up classes massage Angela Verkade

From 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.

We hope to see you at our training.

Team China Arts College, TaoistStudies.Org

We ask you to wear comfortable clothes and indoor shoes; There is a dressing room.

Do not enter the venue with outdoor shoes.

Lunch can be brought by yourself; There are several eateries or supermarkets in the immediate vicinity. Chinese tea is always available, but you can also bring your own drinks.


  • Registration TAM

    Sale ends: 18 Oct, 16:00 CEST
    From €150.00 to €775.00
    • €150.00
    • €600.00
    • €775.00



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