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Taoism is at least 2500 year old represents the Taoist Alchemy tradition of the Yinyang School of the Golden Cinnabar, a 1,000-year-old alchemical tradition from the Jiangnan region of Southeast China. Our knowledge comes from Taoist alchemy masters of this tradition and from our own practical experience and scientific research. Our predecessors instructed us to promote Taoist disciplines such as Taoist inspired inner martial arts and fine arts. Our institute has an extensive Chinese library with thousands of works. Relevant Western books are also in our collection.

With TaoistStudies.Org you get direct access to the background of Chinese culture, Taoist alchemy (Neidan), Chinese philosophy, etc., so that you can get a better understanding of these disciplines. We teach you how to explore your body and inner world to balance mind and emotions and for this we offer specific training methods like Dantian (Field of Cinnabar in the abdomen) development, martial arts, health practices (Yuanqigong or the Practice of the Primary Qi). Learn how to harmonize functions and circulations of the body and improve the interaction between psycho-emotional and physical functioning of the body to create  a well-balanced body and stable personality.


We also offer other related courses, such as Taoist Meditation or Jinggong (Quietude Practice).

We are there for you, offering you the tools to get connected with your self and your universe again and to liberate you authentic self!

Encounter Dao, Find Your Way
Liberate Your Authenticity
Enjoy Life to the Full
Taoist Internal Alchemy
Internal Martial Arts
Taoist Culture

What are the Taoist teachings that can help you become a more authentic version of yourself?

There are three sources from which our teachings of Taoism are derived. The teaching will help you become the person you want/need to be in this hectic world.

In order to become your authentic self, is it best to combine them all in a self -paced program


Taoist Internal Alchemy

What is Taoist Internal Alchemy (Neidan)? How can you integrate Neidan in your life? Learn the difference between the Northern Southern and other Taoist traditions. 

We use practical methods and the information we give comes directly from authentic Chinese sources.

Southern Taoist Alchemy can be practiced  with a partner or solo. Internal Alchemy will change your life, and make you return more to your authentic happy self again.


Internal Martial Arts

What is the difference between practicing Chinese Martial Arts and/or Qigong with and without internal training (Neigong)? Learn how to use your body in the right way without harming your health.

In Martial Arts training we stress applications and partner exercises. We use special Dantian (Field of Cinnabar) methods to awaken the Dantian by personal guidance. Private lessons are possible.

Taoist Culture

Understanding Chinese Taoist culture is very important as a background information in your Neidan, Internal Martial Arts or Qigong, and Neigong training.

You will learn about the history of Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism and how they relate to one another. Classical Chinese Language lessons are also possible, enabling you to read the ancient Chinese texts.



Become the Mountain that Can Withstand Every Storm in Life

Life sometimes isn't easy. Taoists aspire to be like a long-living, enduring mountain. Due to the storms that happen in everyone's life, you can get seriously hurt or damaged, but with the right training you can overcome these difficulties. Your mountain may lose every tree that grows on it, but it won't perish. This is an ancient Taoist view of the body, which lies at the basis of the so-called  Neijingtu, the chart of the body's internal circulations. If you nourish your inner self by keeping your balance, you can become a stable mountain in the busy and chaotic world around us.

“The Practice of Dao: Diminish Daily”

(Laozi's Daodejing/Book of the Way and Its Power, Chapter 48

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From Undoing to the Practice of Nothing






Internal Martial Arts Practice
Qi in the mountains

The Practice of Wu/Undoing/Diminishing