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China Arts College offers you theoretical and practical information and the means to find your way in life through Chinese Taoist methods. Follow the Path of many people who went before you and find a happier, richer, and inspiring life. 


China Arts College Academic Year 2022 - 2023

We have a totally new studies program with Taoist Internal Alchemy as the central subject. Taoist alchemists have always been China's prominent (natural) scientists. They acquired vast knowledge of and had a thorough experience of human life, Nature, the Macrocosm, and that which they call "Dao". Of course we also teach other related subjects, such as Chinese Philosophy, Taijiquan and other Internal Martial Arts (Baguazhang, Xin[g]yiquan, etc.), and Qigong.

Our knowledge comes from the Southern Tradition of Taoist Internal Alchemy (Jindan Nanzong Dao) and we translate this treasure into our courses and events, and in everything we do. Click here to take a look at the program.

The calendar for the academic year 2022-2023 can be found here.

For the description of the courses and the practical information click here.

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If you want to study for our Master of Taoist Arts or Taoist PhD degrees click here.

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The images below present you with an impression of what we do. Follow us on facebook, instagram and youtube for more!


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