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General Conditions and Practical Information


General Conditions


  • registration is a two-step process: 1. you fill out the registration form here 2. you pay the fee(s) for the course(s); because we work with limited groups, it is necessary to register early to avoid disappointment; you can pay by transferring the money into our bank account

  • when you cancel your registration 10 days (or less) before the date of the course we cannot refund you; when you cancel more than 10 days before the date we pay back the fee minus € 15.00 for administrative costs

  • in the event that we cancel an activity, we fully refund you or offer the opportunity to use the money for another activity

  • our activities are open to all, unless a certain course requires previous knowledge or experience; in that case this is mentioned in the description of the course

  • if, because of circumstances beyond our power/will, we need to cancel or postpone activities, we shall inform you personally about new dates or other consequences

  • for transferring money use this account:, account number IBAN: BE39 0019 5592 9319 (for transfers from abroad you also use the BIC code: GEBABEBB)


Practical Information


  • taking photographs, recording film or audio clips is not allowed unless we explicitly agree on you doing so

  • our Ballaarstraat premises are private, not public spaces

  • clothing and shoes:

    • before entering the classroom: ALWAYS change shoes, i.e. don't enter the room with the shoes you wear outside

    • when attending lectures, you can also put on our handy plastic shoe covers (available at the entrance)

    • don't wear shoes that leave marks on the floor (e.g. shoes with black soles, high heels)

  • food and drinks during courses: during the break(s) you can eat or drink something on site; ordinary garbage you can put in the garbage bin, but paper, cardboard, food, and plastic you take home with you; it is customary for students to wash their cups after use

  • respect your fellow students, your teacher(s), our premises and the objects that are present; don't throw stuff around; take off your backpack before you enter the premises, so that it doesn't rub against the walls; we'll show you where to hang your coat, where to put your shoes and bag, etc.; leave your bike outside, there is a structure on the nearby corner of the street where you can tie your bike down

  • we are in no way responsible for damage or theft of your belongings

  • if students cause damage, we shall take measures to have them pay for the damage

  • there is disinfection gel available at the entrance and in the toilet; we also use an air purifying device to clean the air and remove viruses, etc.; if the government(s) require(s) us to take other measures for your safety, we shall implement these

  • parking: in our neighbourhood you need to pay to park your car during the day, except on Sundays and public holidays (pay at the machine on the Ballaarstraat – Haantjeslei corner or by using a parking app); during the day and evening from 9 am till 10 pm you can park for a maximum of 3 hours; for parking longer you need to park at a Park & Ride site or at an Antwerp City Parking Garage or (free) public parking area; info about those here:

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