Mountain Path
Drunken Immortal on the Rocks
Laozi Anmofa
Chinese Painting
Holding the Ball
Teaching Taoist Alchemy Theory
Explaining Taoist Medicine


Located in Antwerp, Belgium, TASC/CAC has been offering outstanding courses since 1990.

We’re proud to offer great opportunities to discerning and motivated individuals. In addition to a full course catalogue for all of your educational needs, we are open to personal needs and requirements that you may have. If in any way possible, we'll provide you with what you look for. Get in touch with us today to see how you can benefit from learning with us and obtain our course, program and degrees information. We also have representatives in various locations in Europe.

Sinds 1990 is TASC/CAC gevestigd in Antwerpen, waar wij professionele cursussen aanbieden.

Wij zijn trots jou, als gemotiveerde student, het beste onderwijs aan te bieden. Via de knop hieronder kun je alle informatie over de opleidingen, het programma en de diverse cursussen lezen en downloaden. Mocht je toch nog informatie missen, aarzel dan niet om ons te contacteren.