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China Arts College

Firmly Rooted in Taoist Tradition, Supported by Modern Research

Our education institute, CAC China Arts College, was established in 1990 with the view of making the best Taoist Alchemy and Internal Martial Arts information and schooling available to a Western audience.

CAC is one of the four parts of our bigger organisation, CAF China Arts Foundation. This non-profit organisation is very active in society. We stick to a code of honour, TIGER, about which you can read here. Click here for more information about our organization.


Non-Profit Organisation



Without Discrimination

Taoist Internal Alchemy

Internal Martial Arts

Taoist Lifestyle

Taoist Culture

Taoist Alchemical Community

Engaged in Society Work

Spreading Goodness

Encouraging Respectfulness

Our Talented and Motivated Team

At the China Arts Foundation we encourage each other to do what we like and do best so that we can enthousiastically work together for you ...

DAN KJ.png

Dr. Dan KJ Vercammen

Professor CAC 

Head of Research TASC

Advisor BETA

Director Angela Verkade

TCM & Chinese-Western Reflexologist

Director CAC

PR, Finances, Media

Research Assistant TASC

Master of Taoist Arts Gijsbert Ruitenburg

Taoist Therapist

Assistant Professor CAC

Director BETA

Director CAF

Master of Taoist Arts
Esther Schenk

President CAF

Assistant Professor CAC

Director BETA

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